George Malkmus’ Story


History of the Hallelujah Diet

Hallelujah Acres was founded in 1992, but the story of how it began dates back to 1976 when Rev. George Malkmus was told he had colon cancer.

In 1976, Rev. Malkmus was a very successful pastor of a large church in upstate New York when he was diagnosed with colon cancer — the same disease that took his mother, despite chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery.

Feeling like the “treatment” his mother received was more of a threat than a cure, Rev. Malkmus turned to an evangelist friend, Lester Roloff, who advised him not to go the medical route, but to simply change his diet to raw fruits and vegetables, and to drink lots of fresh carrot juice. He did, and slowly but surely, symptoms began to dissipate and disappear. So he studied everything he could, including the Bible, about this simple way of eating, and found the answers he was looking for in Genesis 1:29.

In 1977, after a year of living this new lifestyle, Rev. Malkmus’ baseball-sized tumor had disappeared, as did every other physical problem he was experiencing. His body had been restored!

Sharing The Message of Hope and Healing

This gave Rev. Malkmus a new vision: to tell the world about this change, starting with the Christian community; having been a pastor for 20 years, he felt compelled to share this life-saving information. So, in 1989, Rev. Malkmus wrote his first book, Why Christians Get Sick to share his knowledge and healing experience (today, more than one million copies of this bestseller are in print).

However, most Christians shunned Rev. Malkmus’ message. So he began to show that the body of modern medical science supported the wisdom of the original diet given to mankind by God in Genesis 1:29. Those who did listen and who changed their diet, healed themselves. Soon they offered powerful testimonies, making their wellness contagious.

One of these people was Rhonda Jean who, about a year after adopting Rev. Malkmus’ message, had lost over 80 pounds, and her arthritis was totally gone. Inspired to share their stories together, Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda were married in 1992.

Hallelujah Acres is Born

That same year, George and Rhonda expanded their capacity to share their message by holding seminars at their 50-acre farm in Eidson, TN—which they named “Hallelujah Acres”. They also opened a small restaurant and health food store with a 16-person capacity in the small town of Rogersville, TN.

Just one year later, the growing popularity of Rhonda’s living food recipes and George’s message of hope and healing necessitated a move to a 56-person facility. But feeling that they needed to spend more time on the message than waiting on tables, they closed the restaurant in 1994 to concentrate on delivering seminars on their farm.

The move also afforded time for George to write his second book in 1995, God’s Way to Ultimate Health. All the while, the couple was busy putting together a newsletter called Back to the Garden (which still exists under the name Hallelujah Acres Health News), making radio and TV appearances, producing audio/video presentations of their message, and developing the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister program to recruit others to help spread the message.

Hallelujah Acres Finds Its Home

By this time, the simple truth and optimal health The Hallelujah Diet offered were really catching on, which meant George and Rhonda needed more help — and more space! So, in November 1997, they moved to Hallelujah Acres yet again to its present location at 900 South Post Road in Shelby, NC, a former Bible college on 17 beautiful acres.

From here, dozens of employees now help spread the message George and Rhonda began in 1992. The facility boasts a 500-seat auditorium to host George’s famous once-a-month, free Saturday Seminars and Rhonda’s food prep classes. Health Minister training sessions, Health Minister reunions, and the annual Women’s Retreat are also held here. There’s also a full size warehouse and office spaces, the county’s largest health food store including a juice and smoothie bar, and an expanded, gourmet version of the Hallelujah Acres Café that started it all.

In 1999, Hallelujah Acres opened a second headquarters north of the border to serve its Canadian customers. Hallelujah Acres Canada  is located at 2 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard in Toronto, Ontario.