The Hallelujah Diet should be considered a flexible concept rather than a fixed meal plan. Feel free to customize it to suit your life and schedule.

The Hallelujah Diet Is Not Set In Stone

This isn’t the 100% club, so relax. Make changes that work for you at a pace that you can handle, so that the changes are lasting. The rewards and blessings are for those who persevere and make life-long changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Does the Hallelujah Diet work if you bend “the rules” so that it fits your own life better?

Yes, it does. For example, getting that BarleyMax in 30 minutes before a meal is optimal—but easy to forget. Nutritionally speaking, you still receive almost all of the benefits if you take BarleyMax right at the beginning of the meal.

One of the main hindrances of absorption is the release of the nutrients from the inside of the plant cells. This has already been done for you with BarleyMax. So, go ahead and take the BarleyMax right at the beginning. It will begin to be digested and absorbed right away, even before you are done eating.

What if you would like your BarleyMax in apple juice, or orange juice instead of water or carrot juice?

BarleyMax will still leave an alkaline ash, regardless of the acidity of the juice you take it with. The benefits of BarleyMax far outweigh the bit of acidity from the fruit juice.

What about cooked food before dinner? For breakfast?

Remember that the guidelines in The Hallelujah Diet are intended to help you transition to a menu of mostly raw foods. However, if a bowl of oatmeal works for you in the morning and you can stay almost raw for the rest of the day, then you will still get great results.

What if you can’t stand straight carrot juice?

Some people love carrot juice, and others, well… Not to worry. Leafy greens are by far more nutritious than carrots. Ever had a green juice with some lemon in it, or with some orange and lemon? Ever put a little bit of fresh orange juice in your carrot juice?

There are lots of ways to make vegetable juice and it doesn’t have to have carrot in it. Many people like carrot juice, but maybe that isn’t you. Don’t let that stand in your way of adopting The Hallelujah Diet.

Written by Michael Donaldson, PhD

Research Director, Hallelujah Acres Foundation